Pastoral Care

We care about people


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care and counsel takes many forms at our church. The need for either might be as a result of fear, anxiety, depression, disease, surgery, or sickness, just to a name a few crises.

Pastoral care might result in a visit to a hospital, church office, your home, or a nursing home. It may result in a simple conversation, prayer, or a compassionate listening ear.  

Whatever the need, pastoral care seeks to activate a sense of God’s presence in our lives. Our minister is always eager to help you make that connection.

Priesthood of All Believers

We are all capable of being a caring person for another in need, since the most important ingredient to health and wholeness is love. All persons of faith have the capability of giving love and care.



When Specialized Counsel is Needed

We understand there are situations in peoples’ lives in which a professional therapist might be needed. Since our minister is not a therapist, we are prepared to help connect you with the right person who can help you.

The Sacredness of the Person

We believe in the sacredness and wholeness of every person. Healing comes with attention to the whole person – body, mind, and Spirit. It is our aim to help people relate to God, to others, and to themselves in such a way that change is possible and the quality of their life is improved.